About Us

Hello! We are Chloe and Evan of Paradise Parcels! We are a young couple passionate about helping others achieve their dreams of buying and selling land throughout the United States, more specifically, in Florida. Growing up in New England, we quickly decided that the warm climate was for us, and we moved our lives to our favorite Sunshine state! Years later, we are Florida locals who want to share all the treasures that our beautiful state has to offer, with anyone we can!

We know that investing in land can be a big decision, and it is not one that we don’t want you to take it lightly. Whether you are buying to selling from us, we want to make this process as simple and secure as possible. Working with us, you will receive local knowledge, as well as the ease of working directly with the owners, that’s us!

We provide cash discounts, owner financing and are even open to trades. try us!


If you are not able to find the property that you are looking for, don’t hesitate to reach out to us, we will do our best to find you your dream property in the perfect price range.

All of our land comes with a 100% money back, 90 day guarantee.

At Paradise Parcels we want you to be happy with your land investment. If for any reason this is not the property of your dreams, we will work with you to find a property of your dreams, or simply return your payments. When working with Paradise Parcels you work directly with us, the owner. No brokers, no banks, no credit checks. We offer both cash deals and owner financing to make sure you are able to get the best deal possible for your dreams AND your budget.

If you don’t love your property, we will work with you to find something that you will love for years to come!